Stag and Hen

Thames Rib Charters are perfect for high end Stag and Hen parties. If you are looking for a budget event then you are looking in the wrong place! We operate extremely smart high speed offshore Ribs and our prices are commensurate with our offering.

Rib Blast

We have learnt from many years’ experience that the most popular formulation for the event is a combination of a shore side venue for hospitality, a tour of central London and then a high speed Thames Rib Blast down to and then through the Thames Barrier.


Part of the advantage of using us is our commitment to making every event bespoke and non-formulaic. Please talk to us to understand how this might best work for you. The start and finish locations are likely to be very important for the overall flow of the day and we may be able to solve some transport problems for you as a by-product of your booking!