Large Groups

Our largest event to date was a Thames Rib Treasure Hunt in 2011 for 380 participants and incidentally we ran the entire event in French! We believe that this is a world record for Rib events in the UK. Regulations on the River have changed significantly since this event which has reduced the number of boats we can run simultaneously but it is still possible to work with very large groups by rotating boats with a land based Treasure Hunt.

Group Rotation

The cost of a boat is similar whether booked for a short or long period of time with the only variable being pier fees and the amount of fuel burnt. This is because we are not a ‘ride’ operator and we tend to dedicate each boat to a single customer for the day. Every time the same boat is used by a new group, the cost per head drops dramatically.

Operating Area

Often for larger groups we operate from the vicinity of the Tower of London, St.Katherine’s marina and Tower Bridge. This gives us a large area free from traffic amongst world class venues for an excellent tablet based Treasure Hunt. Please talk to us to work out the most effective proposal for your group.