Super Yacht Support

We provide support to Superyachts visiting London. Because our boats are licensed by the Port of London Authority for passenger carrying and operated by Crew with the necessary local knowledge endorsement, Super Yacht skippers see value in working with a long established local company on a very busy river with significant operating restrictions and a draconian enforcement regime.


We are able to provide super yacht tenders that have exactly the right balance between the extra protection built into our Ribs necessary for operating on such a fast flowing commercial river with ‘unrefined’ landing stages and looks that are in keeping with transferring VVIP passengers.


Typically we will charter a bareboat tender to a Super Yacht for the duration of the Yacht’s stay in London. We will deliver boats to the location of your choice and collect again as soon as the charter is over. We operate 24 hours a day and will respond rapidly if a boat is disabled from an underwater strike or similar.


Our boats are coded to the highest permissible level by the Maritime Coastguard Agency and come fully equipped with all of the required safety equipment. We are an ISO 9001 registered company and we also operate run a sophisticated PMS (Planned Maintenance System) ensuring that all equipment is correctly serviced and date compliant.