Floating pontoons

We own a significant inventory of modular floating pontoons. Pontoons are a perfect working platform for civil engineering works, from dock and lock repairs, to bridge maintenance. Our pontoons can be provided with small work boats to act as emergency, safety or as general work boats.

Modular design

The system is completely modular and can be configured to whatever shape is required. The modules may also be stacked two high where exceptional buoyancy is required if for example putting a digger on to a pontoon for dredging work.

Variety of Applications

We install modular pontoons for a wide variety of applications. When fitted with Combisafe fencing the platform meets all safety requirements for work crews if being used for structure inspection or repair of walls etc. We often install the system to create temporary footpaths where footpath repair is underway.

Specialist Division

Please contact our specialist division Floating Pontoon Hire for more information.