Thames Rib treasure hunt team


The office team is out on the River Thames this week updating our London Rib Treasure Hunt.

This is an important part of our work in the quieter times on the river. We have many returning customers so it’s important to keep things fresh, new and interesting, reviewing and renewing our treasure hunts are an important part of this.

Over the autumn and winter we check out possible new routes and places of interest along the river so that next year, armed with their Treasure Hunt tablets teams can have a fun and challenging day, as well as seeing some of London’s most famous landmarks from a new perspective. We also look at activities and physical tasks such as knot tying, designing a team logo and deciphering nautical flag signals. Every Rib treasure hunt we offer is a bespoke event and researching the area is an important part of delivering this as it gives us the knowledge to provide the flexibility, attention to detail and focus that our clients expect.

The Thames and the City of London have so much to offer and there are usually many more locations, clues and tasks than we need – and always something new and interesting that can’t be left out.

It also gives the team time out of the office and on the river, exploring, researching, reviewing and planning. As the saying goes, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it . . .