Exploring the River Thames

Finding Treasures on the River Thames

To keep our treasure hunts up to date we spent time last winter exploring the River Thames in and around London to research a range of new questions. After all it’s no good having all this local knowledge if you don’t use it!

Armed with our new feindsh tasks and questions we updated the Treasure Hunt packs for the start on 2017. With one team per boat the idea was to create nautical challenges that the teams would need to complete as well as the questions unlocked by their tablets.

Many clients have taken on our Thames Treasure Hunt this year and we’ve received nothing but praise and positive feedback!

So this winter you may again see us, when we’re not running an event, exploring the nooks and crannies along this great river in search of tasks, challenges and questions to get those brains out of the office and thinking outside the box!

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