Corporate Rib charter on the Thames

Whether you have a small or large group of people, a Corporate Rib Charter day is a special experience! A fleet of matching Ribs flying along the Thames through the middle of London can be quite something to see!

Corporate Rib charters

If you want to add a personal touch to your day, we offer a variety of branding options which can give a big aesthetic impact to any charter day.

If you are interested in competing on our tablet based treasure hunts, we offer bespoke packages to allow our clients to incorporate their own questions as well as having the company logo integrated on to the Treasure Hunt tablets.

Dyson product launch on the Thames

This photo is from a Dyson product launch we held on the River Thames a few years ago. Although this was a publicity stunt rather than a charter day, it is a good example of what we can do to create a unique event for your company.

If you are interested in a rib charter with us please contact us via email at or call 0207 043 0109.