We live and breathe the Thames. We have operated high speed passenger carrying Ribs on the Thames since 1998; we are very proud to have provided nearly 20 years of excellence with outstanding customer feedback.

The Boats

Ours are the Ribs of choice for VIP and corporate events. We operate sleek high speed offshore Ribs and are the ‘go to’ supplier for major national water based events. Credits include the America’s Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race along with a host of other organisations from Ben Ainslie Racing to the Royal Navy.

Corporate friendly

We understand corporate events. We understand look, feel, and presentation. We ‘get’ the need to present our boats immaculately, to have smart uniformed staff, to have personable confident and fun event managers. This is what makes us the ‘high end’ market leader. Our objective is to ‘delight’ and exceed your expectations in every possible way.


The depth of our knowledge both within our Thames division and the wider company is without parallel. We are the biggest commercial Rib operator in Europe and we have transported our Ribs to use in support of major events from Hong Kong to Oman as well as throughout Europe.


We have run our charters on the Thames since 1998. We enjoy an unblemished safety record and fabulous customer feedback. We are the only ISO 9001 registered Rib operator in the UK and we worked extensively with the Professional Charterer’s Association to help develop the industry code of practice to which we adhere.