Rib Charter

Our market positioning is corporate and ‘high end’ private Rib Charter. Our boats are sleek elegant, immaculate high speed offshore craft ideal for VIP and corporate groups. The excellence of our operation means we are the official supplier to The America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Clipper Ventures and Cowes Week Ltd amongst many others.

Rib Rides

We operate on a complete boat rather than per person basis. If you are looking for a ‘ride’ rather than a boat charter, there are a number of operators on the Thames who specialise in Rib rides.

In our view, the standout operator is Thames Rockets who run from the London Eye.


Please call us to talk through pricing for your event. Because of the wide variety of components that make a high end bespoke event, our service doesn’t lend itself to a published price list. We would be delighted to talk through the best way to make your event a huge success.